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We were so proud to see zucchini the size of mini pickles blooming in large patio pots.

We had two babies… appetizers they were. Then they stopped. But oh, those leaves kept coming.

So I looked around and found out that you can eat these green vegetables. In the pan they went with a little olive oil.

Sometimes they were chopped and boiled in a rice dish.

I felt a health boost with every bite. If you are one of those “Oh there are so many zucchini in my garden” people, you will feel doubly blessed with this new by-crop.

Edward and son

Do you know how the Smarties candy roll family got started with vegetarian ready meals?

The “about” section of Edward & Sons Trading Company is a travel album following a son as he travels the world and picks up the idea of ​​what is now instant miso-cup soup in seconds.

It is made organically with love and tofu. They make coconut and much more.

My story is about Let’s Do Organic Sweet Potato Flour. I made Patron’s pancakes for Sunday breakfast and later a family from the church study group brought sweet potato burgers to my house for dinner.

Enter this trend.

I then tried the family’s cassava flour for what I called a fried pancake. It was a luxury and turned out with a different texture that I would call starchy and sticky.

It sounds strange, but I told my husband to pretend we like them on trips to South America, where the yuca roots are big.

I’ll also try their chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Find out what this family is creating for you at

They can also lead you to the new Ecuadora brand of healthy herbal products. I tried and loved the Hearts of Palm lasagna sheets.

The hearts are grown on certified organic farmland once used for raising livestock.

The low-calorie, low-carb, grain-free, gluten-free ‘pasta’ is ready from a box, and my family wouldn’t have known it wasn’t traditional pasta if I hadn’t. not made to the last bite. It was easy and guilt free.


I finally get nutritional yeast as a concept. Parma, a business run by women, mixes it with nuts, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and various spices to make powders to brighten up popcorn, eggs, pizza, etc.

Better Than Bacon and Original made me really very happy.

Vegans and keto people alike can rejoice at the wonderful improvements this plant-based product will make to your food.

Play, play, play with it. Learn more at

Darragh Doiron is a foodie in the Port Arthur area who plays with her food, even when it comes to natural foods. Join her via [email protected]

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