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We start this Sunday with a bit of context and a sweet request. As Monocle approaches its 16th anniversary since operations began, we now employ over 70 full-time editors and nearly as many in our publishing, retail, coffee and distribution departments. On top of that, our network of correspondents has grown to more than 35 journalists working in cities ranging from Helsinki to Madrid, Seoul to Bangkok. As far as global media companies go, we are quite small but still manage to produce over 20 magazines and newspapers, three books, 1,000 hours of ‘live’ radio, multiple events and hundreds of newsletters each year.

While strong business partnerships (welcome to our new Sunday partner, Bergos!) allow us to cover the world and file articles and reports from a myriad of places, a newsletter like this (and the other seven we’re posting throughout the week) also require a paid audience. Ideally, everyone would pay a small amount each day for our journalism and we would have a tidy little business on our hands. A €1,000 subscription to our newsletters would certainly be a great deal and would allow for more offices in exotic locations. But there’s a cheaper, easier way to make sure we can do what we do and that’s for readers to subscribe to Monocle (in print, digital or both) – and that’s just over a tenth of that price.

As the majority of our newsletter readers are non-subscribers to the magazine, we would be delighted if you could subscribe and take advantage of the discounts, invitations and special previews that come with being part of our global community. As Christmas isn’t that far away, it’s a good time to sign up colleagues, cousins ​​and corporate clients. If you are already a subscriber, I want to say a big thank you on behalf of all of us for your support.

On the topic of community and why it’s good to be a subscriber, here are some upcoming dates for the agenda.

On October 1we will open the doors to our annual herbstmarkt (autumn market) in Zürich. As usual, we’ll have a selection of unique vendors, great wine and beer, and a full on-the-go grill featuring the best around. Würst. Subscribers receive regular special benefits.

Then on October 14 and 15, we will organize a special pop-up restaurant in Zürich – for two nights only. We’ll be working with a guest chef from Tokyo to deliver a tasty mix of Japanese-Italian classics, smart cocktails and after-dinner entertainment in our lounge. We will also announce a date for a similar evening at Midori House in London later this month.

And finally, we’re heading to Dallas for our first-ever US conference in the form of The Chiefs, Monocle’s summit dedicated to leadership, opportunity and entrepreneurship. Following the success of the 2020 edition of St Moritz, we are bringing the format to downtown Dallas and will host speakers and delegates throughout a full day of discussion, debate and great hospitality on November 8 and 9. I’ll be on hand with Editor-in-Chief Andrew Tuck, Editor-in-Chief Josh Fehnert, our man in the US, Chris Lord, and a host of other Monocle editors and presenters. For more information on The Chiefs, check out the lineup here. Speakers will be announced over the next few weeks and you can be sure we’ll bring our unique insight into business and brand building with a global lineup of cutting-edge voices to challenge, inform, entertain and inspire.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events (our Christmas markets in Zürich and London will be announced soon) and, of course, to have you as a paying subscriber.

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