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Takashi Murakami is the curator of an edition of the Outsider Art Fair in a vast New York pop-up space.

More than 200 sculptural works by sixty artists represented by nearly 30 galleries will be on display until June 27 in Soho, which has added a certain star power thanks to Japanese artist Takashi Murakami who organized the sculpture exhibition as guest curator. The event, called “Super-Rough”, is another sign that life is normalizing. “We were eager to attend the New York opening, especially since our next New York show, our 30th anniversary, is not until February. People can’t wait that long! The main role of the OFA is to provide opportunities for our dealers, and in doing so, we are expanding the audience for self-taught art, ”says Andrew Edlin, owner of the Outsider Art Fair. “Prices continue to rise [in Outsider art] but at the same time new bodies of work are emerging with entry points accessible to collectors at all levels, ”he adds.

The world’s largest semiconductor maker is building $ 12 billion plant in Phoenix.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., known as the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, has innovated on a wide range of $ 12 billion factory complex in Phoenix. CC Wei, CEO of the company, said construction is “well advanced” and is expected to be completed in 2024 during the company’s annual technical presentation. Other reports indicate that the plant could ultimately be three times the size of what was initially expected, with a total investment of nearly $ 435 billion in six factories to create a mega manufacturing site. The news follows President Biden’s calls to $ 50 billion in funding to encourage domestic production of semiconductors under a proposed infrastructure plan.

The New York City Artist Corps program will distribute grants of $ 5,000 to more than 3,000 artists.

the Initiative of the Corps of artists of the city is intended to bring some relief to the arts community after the devastating toll of the pandemic (the city has lost two-thirds of its arts and recreation jobs, according to a February report.) “The devil is in the details of implementation, “jazz musician Jerome Harris said in response to the announcement. “There is no victory until you see that the application process is easy and that the distribution of jobs is fair.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is planning a long-awaited expansion in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The takeover of the site of a former Safeway grocery store in Santa Fe is a new generation installation for the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which has been planning to expand since 1997. Cody Hartley, the museum director, said the existing building should become an annex and that “the organization has grown and grown, but our facility has not “has not maintained. The future building will support us for years. Construction of the new building, designed by Gluckman Tang Architects, is expected to begin in 2022 after the museum obtains the demolition permits.”

Ssense receives major investment of $ 4.1 billion to help expand into Chinese market.

Venture capital firm Sequoia Capital China has taken a minority investment $ 4.1 billion in popular luxury e-commerce retailer Ssense, known for its selection of premium brands, ambitious editorial strategy and younger audience. As a result of the investment, Ssense is set to cause a stir in China, which is expected to have the world’s largest luxury market in 2025 after rebounding from the coronavirus pandemic.

This whiter than white paint is able to cool buildings up to 40 degrees.

New study suggests alternative paint containing barium sulfate (BaSOâ‚„) could help cool buildings in hot climates, especially in urban environments, by reflecting solar radiation more effectively into space. The only problem ? Extracting barium creates a huge carbon footprint.

Today’s Attractive Distractions:

Nike is releasing a new Space Jam Collection that will appeal most to nostalgic adults.

In the world deepest indoor pool will test the latest underwater technologies.

A group of pigeons came to visit a Raphael exhibition rare tapestries.

New York’s latest public art exhibition is sensitization on hate crimes from the AAPI.

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