The Korean Cultural Center in Egypt celebrates the end of “2022 Overseas Korean Traditional Music School”

Feature: As part of the Korean Cultural Center celebrations.

CAIRO – September 19, 2022: The Korean Cultural Center in Egypt held a work presentation to celebrate the end of “Overseas Korean Traditional Music School 2022″ at the Egyptian National Academy of Arts on September 15 .

This course has been prepared to promote excellence in traditional Korean music in Egypt, where K-pop is the main focus of Hallyu fans, and to foster self-reliance.

As part of the National Gugak Center’s National Gugak Globalization Project, the Overseas Gugak Culture School invited Lim Yong-nam, a member of the National Gugak Center Folk Orchestra Yeonhui Club, as a speaker.

The conference was held for two weeks from September 4 by selecting a total of 40 people interested in Korean culture and specialties of Korean traditional music and Arabic music.

At the closing ceremony, all graduates wore traditional performance clothing and generously demonstrated the skills they had learned so far.

Along with thrilling performances from Seoljanggu and Samulnori, Lim Yongnam and Eo Bowon performed Seoljanggu and folk songs to show the beauty of Korean traditional music.

In addition, Arabic music teachers and majors, who graduated from this course, presented Arabic traditional music and presented a special stage where Korean and Egyptian traditional music were harmonized.

Rahma Mohammed (22 years old, living in Cairo), a graduate of the Korean language department of Ein Shams University (Cairo) who took this course, said: “For two weeks, I have been listening to Janggu lessons directly taught by experts. and making sounds with the students over time was an amazing experience. At this ceremony, she took over as the head of Seol Jang-gu’s performance team, and it was a lot of pressure, but I’m happy and happy that the performance ended well.

Seong-Ho Oh, director of the Cultural Center, mentioned that after the course at the Gugak Culture School ends, the plan is to promote the regularization of Samulnori gatherings so that the Korean wave can be self-sufficient in Egypt. In addition, the Korean Cultural Center said it will provide Egyptian people with opportunities to experience various cultures by opening cultural conferences that intersect both modernity and tradition.

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