The popular music school is growing – with a commitment to the neighbors there will be no drums

Plans have been approved for the expansion of a popular music school in Hartlepool, with a promise to neighbors that there will be “no drums”.

Proposals were submitted to the Hartlepool Council Planning Department earlier this year to convert two vacant apartments on the corner of Stockton Road and Cornwall Street for use as part of a music school.

Kathryn Sirs plans indicate they would be part of the Kate Sirs School of Music, which already occupies the ground floor of the building.

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A report from Jane Tindall, the council’s senior planning officer, confirmed the proposals have been given the green light and should help benefit the region.

She said, “The proposed development would see an existing business in a designated local hub area expand.

“This would support the vitality and viability of the region.

“Development is not considered to have a negative impact on visual amenity, amenity of neighboring land users or road safety. “

A planning statement previously submitted on behalf of the applicant explained how the move would result in business expansion and more staff.

He said: “The additional space will allow me to employ more staff and allow existing staff to extend their hours.

“Our teaching is mainly on a 1-1 basis for 30-60 minutes and our taught disciplines are piano, voice, flute and violin.

“We have no intention of teaching instruments such as drums as the sound would interfere with other lessons and there are already many established drum teachers in town. “

The school has six part-time staff, which are expected to increase to 10 after approval, according to planning documents.

Miss Sirs added that she has been renting the unit for about 10 years, without any complaints, and hopes to stay there as long as possible.

Planning documents indicate that the school’s teaching hours are largely 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends.

The conversion involves seeing the old bedroom and living room of the first floor apartment become teaching rooms, each with electric pianos to minimize noise pollution.

The same work will be carried out on the bedroom and living room of the old second floor apartment, while the bathroom and kitchen will remain as it is.

The plans are subject to a diagram demonstrating adequate sound insulation between the application site and the neighboring property.

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