[Today’s K-pop] Hot Issue debuts triumphantly

(Credit: S2 Entertainment)

Seven-girl group Hot Issue debuted with a highly anticipated online storefront on Wednesday.

The group released a five-track EP “Issue Maker”, with its title track “Gratata” coming after machine gun sounds, as the group ambitiously aims to target audiences as skilled snipers.

The debut of the new girl group drew special attention as it is the first upcoming group from S2 Entertainment, created by Hong Seungseong who produced countless idols as the former director of JYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment. over the past three decades.

“It would be a lie if we said we didn’t feel the pressure,” Hyungsin admitted, “but we solemnly prepared ourselves to take responsibility and hope for a good start.”

What sets Hot Issue apart from the rest is that everyone in the group is rapping, singing and dancing, instead of taking on specialist roles as usual, Yewon said confidently, adding that they would show more sides. mature and different every time they released new music. .

The NFB aims for another trophy

(Credit: WM Entertainment)

(Credit: WM Entertainment)

ONF performed live for an online showcase that marked the release of a repackaging of their debut album on Wednesday.

“Every new song on the repackaged album has our style of music, establishing our identity,” MK said. “We prepared with confidence and hope many of you will enjoy them.” The new album titled “City of ONF” consists of 14 tracks, adding three new songs to the 11 original studio album.

The main track “Ugly Dance” is a dance number based on hip-hop and “more powerful and hip than the music we’ve done before,” Hyojin explained. It takes the tale of the group’s previous hit “Beautiful Beautiful” and sings about freedom – how performers want to sing their own songs instead of getting carried away by the trends, he added.

It’s only been two months since the debut album came out, and while fellow bandmates said they were surprised at how they won a trophy on a TV show with their first full album, neither did they. more hidden their ambitions. .

“We want to be at the top of the charts and earn more trophies,” E-Tion said. “And I want the world to know our music.”

BTS inspires beginners to learn Korean

(Credit: Hybe Edu)

(Credit: Hybe Edu)

BTS fans have more reasons to start learning Korean with a new set of course books.

Hybe Edu, the education technology arm under the group’s label, has developed a set of books and audio aids for beginners that use TinyTAN, artist-based characters, called “Learn!” Korean with TinyTAN. “

It weaves along the story of a girl named Bora, whose mother tongue is not Korean but who wants to learn the language after falling in love with the group. The manual begins by determining the consonants and vowels of the Korean alphabet and with a pen that reads the letters and pictures from the book in Korean, English, Japanese and Spanish.

The most welcome feature is to allow the learners to choose a group member and record the learners’ names so that they can hear the encouraging comments from the voice of the musician. The voices are generated by artificial intelligence that has studied the limbs for six months, according to the company.

Seungri reappears on Big Bang’s social media profile

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

(Credit: YG Entertainment)

Seungri, a former Big Bang member, was included in the group’s Facebook account profile photo which was updated last weekend.

The black and white photo shows G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri marching on a five-lane road, representing the quintet.

Seungri left the group and retired from the entertainment industry herself, with an official statement in March 2019 saying, “This feels like the end for me, for the honor of YG and Big Bang, if nothing. else.” He is currently a corporal on trial on nine counts in the military court. He pleads innocent.

Group label YG Entertainment has Big Bang as their quartet on their official website and announced last year that the four – with the exception of Seungri – have renewed their contracts and will prepare for another comeback.

G-Dragon hinted that they were gearing up for a comeback, reporting that he was working on music for the band in an interview with Dazed Korea earlier this month.

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