Tsurune Anime is getting a 2nd season in January 2023

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Recently, Kyoto Animation had announced that the Tsurune TV anime will be getting a 2nd season titled Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha (Tsurune: The Connecting Arrow) which will air in January.

The anime’s promotional video will debut on August 26 at a stage greeting event for the anime movie Gekijoban Tsurune: Hajimari no Issha.

Cast of Tsurune:

Jun Fukuyama will be a new anime cast member and the role given to him is to Eisuke Nikaido.

The Yuto Uemura will come back as one Minato Narumiya and Kensho Ono like a Shu Fujiwara.

The director Takuya Yamamura also returns to direct the second season of the anime.


The first season of the anime aired in Japan on NHK-General channel in October 2018.

The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks and it was streamed by Crunchyroll and HIDIVE with the English dub as it aired in Japan.

The anime was also released as a home video by Sentai Filmworks in January 2020.

The release also includes original video from the anime and also unaired 14e episode.

Synopsis of Pony Canyon for Tsurune anime:

The story begins with Minato Narumiya who begins her new journey as a freshman at the local Kazemai High School.

Tsurune Anime is getting a 2nd season in January 2023
Source: Anime India

Mr. Tommy is an advisor to the Japanese archery club, is interested in recruiting Minato, as well as his childhood friends Seiya Takehaya and Ryohei Yamanouchi.

Ryohei try to convince the Minato at least attend club orientation, where he also meets Kaito Onogi and Nanao Kisaragi.

Mr. Tommy introduces Minato Infront to everyone saying he has a rare Japanese archery talent and asks him to demonstrate it.

But he does not reach the goal because he was afflicted with the serious illness.

As the story progresses, Minato, Seiya, Ryohei, Nanao, and Kaito reunite.

So what are the difficulties they will face through their beautiful but “bitter” youth?

The movie Gekijoban Tsurune: Hajimari no Issha also known as Tsurune The Movie: The First Arrow opened in Japan on Friday.

The Takuya Yamamura returns to direct the film with Kyoto Animation.

He also did the script for the animation under the supervision of a television animation scriptwriter.

The character is designed by Michiko Yokote, Miku Kadowaki.

The music given by the musician of the new fruit basket and your lie in April musician name Harumi Fuki.

About Tsurune:

Tsurune is a light novel by Kyoto Ayano that was serialized as an anime by Kyoto Animation in 2018.

Basically, the story revolves around Minato, a high school student who grew up loving archery but developed a sudden panic.

He has not yet been recruited into an archery club in high school and, with his team and his instructor, he finds the true meaning of his passion.


Well, the anime based on sports but had little emotional contact and it’s also a bit heartwarming, so if you like sports more slice of life anime, then this anime is worth a try.


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