Watch Olivia Rodrigo Perform New Song “High School Musical”

Fans of Olivia Rodrigo and the Disney+ channel High School Musical: The Musical: The Series got a special surprise via a brief but tantalizing music video of Rodrigo singing “You Never Know” in a scene from the show, which just kicked off its third season on July 27. Rodrigo’s character, Nini Salazar-Roberts, is seen sitting outside delivering a bit of the song, offering a glimpse of what’s in store for fans.

Nini is a young woman with a lot of talent to share with the world, much like Rodrigo herself. Of course, Nini has yet to conquer the world with a hit single and a hit debut album like Rodrigo did, but as the character ponders the possibilities for his future and shares his hopes in song, he certainly seems like there’s at least the potential for the real-life entertainer and his TV counterpart to have even more in common than they already do.

In an interview with People, series mastermind Tim Federle said, “Nini’s new acoustic solo is a poignant note of grace for Olivia Rodrigo’s remarkable journey on our series. The song is about how unpredictable a young person’s future is – and how exciting it can be too. I cry when I hear it and I smile when I think of how lucky we are to know Olivia.

Rodrigo’s full performance of “You Never Know” can be seen in the show’s second episode. Like all seven other episodes in the season, it can be streamed on Disney+, where a new episode appears every Wednesday.

In real life, Rodrigo recently celebrated the first anniversary of his Grammy-winning debut album, Acid. Along with topping charts worldwide and being certified 3x Platinum in the US, the LP officially became the longest running Top Ten album on the Billboard 200 of this century.

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