Who is Shawn Mendes’ sexy SHAMAN? Singer gets witty after split from Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes seems to be taking some time off from music as the singer-songwriter spends some quality time in Hawaii with his pals. The ‘Treat You Better’ hitmaker, who recently showed off his washboard abs on a shirtless walk, managed to raise his eyebrows again after rocking a brunette hairdo. So, does that mean the crooner has moved on after his split from Camila Cabello?

Shawn Mendes has surely been making waves on the internet with his latest outing with a sexy shaman as he explores his spiritual side on a Hawaiian beach. The brunette yogi and the 23-year-old crooner were spotted together, but it seems it was all about awakening the spiritual side as the brunette helped Shawn attend a meditation session. The woman has been identified as Hitomi Mochizuki. Shawn and Hitomi were seen in the middle of a sacred ritual using forensic shamanic medicine made from medicinal plants, seeds, trees and leaves. Speaking of Shawn’s love life, the musician jointly announced his split from Cabello in November 2021 after dating for five years.

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Who is Shawn Mendes’ sexy shaman?

Shawn’s latest outing with his sexy shaman Hitomi surely has the internet excited. The brunette yogi hails from Brooklyn, New York, and was born in 1997. Hitomi’s father is of Japanese descent while her mother is Venezuelan. Growing up, she was reportedly abused by her older siblings. Hitomi then moved to Maryland and embarked on spirituality and Buddhism.

Hitomi is now a YouTuber, social media influencer and model and has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram. She started her YouTube channel in 2013 and currently, her subscribers are almost 1 million subscribers. She rose to fame with her content on candid, heart-to-heart videos focusing on issues such as PTSD, dealing with low self-esteem, anxiety, mental illness and self-harming behaviors. Looking at her Instagram photos, it’s pretty obvious that she enjoys spending alone time in nature.

Did Shawn Mendes leave Camila Cabello?

Shawn has been spending some quality time with the brunette yogi, but it seems there was no romance and it was strictly about spirituality. Hitomi was seen helping Shawn sniff the herbal medicine as he sat cross-legged on a blanket in the woods. The duo were also seen shaking hands as part of the process staring deep into each other’s eyes, as reported by Page Six. The singer was also excited to stroll down the rocky path while enjoying a cup of coffee. While the two have enjoyed their quality time, it’s unclear what relationship they share exactly. There has been no official comment from Shawn’s rep.

Speaking of Cabello, the two had jointly announced their split on Instagram but never really shared the reason for the decision. However, the duo were delighted to spend time together the first week of January, which sparked speculation that they could have gotten back together. The ‘Senorita’ hitmakers have been hailed for their perfect love story – always holding each other up through thick and thin and cherishing every moment in each other’s company. In fact, they were popular among their fans for setting “relationship goals.

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