Why Lady Gaga Isn’t In Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train Movie

Lady Gaga nearly starred in Brad Pitt’s upcoming action thriller Bullet Train, and the film’s director now explains why it didn’t work out.

David Leitch, director of the upcoming action thriller High-speed train, explained why Lady Gaga is not in the film. The pop star-turned-actress won immediate acclaim for her role as Ally, a struggling musician who succeeds in Bradley Cooper’s 2018 remake A star is born. The film landed Gaga her first Oscar and her performance launched a promising acting career that recently saw her star in Ridley Scott. Gucci House.

In recent years, it’s often seemed like Gaga was slowly but surely becoming loyal to the idea of ​​acting rather than making music. Some would argue that the acting aspect of her career is just another talented side to her multi-faceted personality, but anyone who’s seen the 2020 documentary Lady Gaga: Again was confronted by a pop superstar who was in constant pain after years of dancing, singing and touring. Performing may not always be easy work, but compared to the demands placed on a world-class musician, it can often be much less hectic. And even though Gaga has only appeared in one movie since 2018, that doesn’t mean she’s not in high demand.


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In fact, Lady Gaga would have followed the years 2021 Gucci House with the next High-speed train if there hadn’t been a case of bad timing. By speaking with EOLeitch explained that Gaga was once in early talks to star in the film, but things came to an abrupt end when the filming schedule for Gucci House has been revealed. Some assume Gaga’s role was filled by Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock – a rumor Leitch doesn’t want to verify. But as to how close the world was to seeing Gaga in her first action thriller, Leitch had this to say:

“It all really came down to his schedule with the Ridley [Scott] film. There were short discussions and then it’s not going to work because she was preparing for the Ridley movie [House of] Gucci. They shot right in front of us and overlapped with us and it really didn’t work.”

cinemacon bullet train footage featuring brad pitt and bad bunny

High-speed train is produced by Brad Pitt, who also stars in the film as a reluctant assassin known as Ladybug. While taking on what seems like a relatively easy task to locate a briefcase on a Japanese bullet train, Ladybug learns that four other assassins are also tasked with the same mission – some of which will have disastrous consequences. The movie already has a strong momentum behind it, but that being said, Gucci House was not only widely anticipated, but many were also predicting Gaga’s second Oscar of her career. Unfortunately, the film failed to live up to box office expectations, with more than a few critics and even celebrities laughing outright. Gucci House.

For Lady Gaga fans, the idea of ​​seeing her in an action movie might seem like a new and exciting side to the famous popstar. There’s no doubt that any film starring Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga would have a considerable chance of being a hit – especially one in which the two were potentially fighting for their screen lives. It looks like Gaga made the wrong choice about which movie would be the best fit for her career. Nevertheless, Gaga Gucci House the performance was by no means bad, and the timing was the cause of many moments that could have been in the film industry. Gaga’s action-thriller opportunity may not have arrived with High-speed trainbut her future as an actress still looks promising.

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  • Bullet Train (2022)Release date: July 29, 2022

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